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Appreciated Stock

If you have appreciated securities you have held for over one year, you can donate them to San Diego Youth Symphony. Consult your financial advisor or tax professional for specifics, but in most cases you are not taxed on gains from these securities when donating them to an approved 501c3 organization like San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory.

We have a policy of selling gifts of stock immediately on receipt so our musicians, families and community benefits immediately from your gift while you realize tax advantages when you file your year-end return.

Transferring stock is a simple process:

  1. Select a particular stock and number of shares from your portfolio.
  2. Call SDYS Development Coordinator Terry Williams, at (619) 233-3232 ext 160 to get our account number and instructions to transfer stock to our account at Morgan Stanley in La Jolla.
  3. Contact your broker and pass along routing instructions we provide.
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