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Inge Manes | Principal Bassoon Chair

Endowed Merit Scholarship

Inge Manes was a wonderful champion of the arts and music education; she has left a lasting impression on the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory with her enthusiasm for our students and her belief in the transformative power of classical music in young musicians’ lives. In the spring of 2010 Inge passed away and we are enormously honored that her husband Peter is memorializing her passion for student music by endowing this scholarship chair in her name. This annual scholarship will be awarded to a leading bassoon student in the San Diego Youth Symphony Orchestra.


Recipients of the Inge Manes Principal Bassoonist Chair Scholarship:

Faith Lee - 2020Michael Lamar – 2014
Amanda Musinski - 2019Michael Lamar – 2013
Amanda Musinski - 2018Alexander Wells – 2012
Max Jiang - 2017Alexander Wells – 2011
Max Jiang – 2016Amber Crowe – 2010
Max Jiang – 2015
San Diego Youth Symphony