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Spring arts 2019 | Classical music

Ask avid surfer and dedicated music educator Anthony Do-Hoon Kim how his avocation and profession contrast, and he answers that they don’t. Rather, he maintains, they are alike.

“Both involve riding waves,” says Kim, who has been a teacher and conductor at the San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory since 2013. “When I’m surfing, it’s on liquid waves. When I’m conducting, it’s on sonic waves. They’re both forms of energy.

“You have to anticipate how a wave is going to form in front of you. You have to read the future and be in the present. Surfers are hyper-aware when they’re on the water. When you’re conducting, you’re highly engaged and in the moment. They are very similar.”

On June 8, Kim will conduct the San Diego Youth Symphony’s string ensemble concert at 7 p.m. at Copley Symphony Hall.

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