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SDYS student musicians Bruno Bello and Maddie Bolin will be performing on the second day of the Education Commission of the States 2017 National Forum on Education Policy being held in San Diego June 28-30 at the Hotel Del Coronado. They are the only student musicians to be featured at the Forum, highlighting SDYS’ case for making music education accessible and affordable for all.

Education Commission of the States produces the leading education policy event of the year to bring education leaders together from across the aisle and across the states, in order to provide opportunities  for education professionals to interact, learn and collaborate. SDYS and its success in returning music education to more than 70 schools in Chula Vista over the last 5 years is being featured as a key success story for arts education during the forum.

A week prior to the Forum, The Community Opus Project will also be featured as part of the AEP Success Stories Initiative, which illustrates ways in which the arts are leading the way to student success across the country. AEP gathers detailed information on success stories with the potential to be replicated in communities across the country to achieve its goal of expanding access to high-quality arts learning opportunities for all students.   The  Opus Success Story and a guest blog post by Dalouge Smith and Dr. Francisco Escobedo, Superintendent of Chula Vista Elementary School District on SDYS’ partnership with CVESD are both online.

The partnership between CVESD and SDYS illustrates that when schools incorporate arts education into the breadth of campus and classroom experiences, not simply as an extracurricular program, the entire learning experience is enhanced for students, families, faculty and staff.  This success story will be included in published material to be distributed as part of the Forum’s support materials, gaining further national exposure for SDYS programs in Chula Vista.

To learn more about the outcomes of the CVESD/SDYS collaboration watch University of California Television’s High Notes: The Case for Music Education. For an overview of the CVESD/SDYS collaboration, watch the National Endowment for the Arts webinar The Restoration of Arts Education. For one Opus student’s perspective, view NAMM’s video The Community Opus Project.



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