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Not even the OFs could complain about not hearing today’s program, the San Diego Youth Symphony (SDYS). What celestial sound! Rotarians experienced the outstanding acoustics originally designed for this facility, the old Naval Training Center Chapel. Nearly 40 musicians, ages 15 to 22, from all over the world provided a brilliantly polished and professional performance. Selections included excerpts from symphonies by Mendelssohn and Beethoven. The opening selection and an encore from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro earned the youngsters a standing ovation. SDYS President & CEO Dalouge Smith spoke about the positive outcomes of music education, evidenced by Chula Vista’s Opus Project. Concert season 2015 represents the SDYS’s 11th international exchange. Visiting musicians from Canada, Czech Republic, England, Germany, Ireland, and Spain shared some of their impressions of America with these fascinating observations:

You need a car to get anywhere, but you can turn right on red.

  • Too much air conditioning.
  • Everything is bigger. Food portions are huge. Five lane roads!
  • Shopping isn’t cheap. But you can return merchandise after purchase.
  • Snickerdoodles are my favorite. I discovered cinnamon. Blue tacos, too!
  • Never saw hummingbirds before. Seals stink.
  • Bathroom locks are weird. Toilets sometimes flush themselves.
  • Americans are very friendly and openminded.

Other highlights of today’s program:

  • Second Chair, Second Violin schoolboy and now club President, Peter Duncan, is already very comfortable at the podium. He gave SDSU Rotaracts a lesson in geography…Club 33 does not meet in Mission Valley.
  • Christy White earned thanks for hosting Czech and German musicians.
  • Past President Michelle Candland unveiled “Foundation Champions,” the recognition for donors who step up to her $50,000 challenge match for our newly established 501(c)(3) Rotary Club of San Diego Foundation.
  • New member and Masters Swimmer, Treacy Sommer, is a Cable Guy.
  • Phil Blair introduced (4) Visiting Veterans, reminding us that “It’s who you know who knows someone who knows someone…”
  • Geri Warnke shared inspiring quotes about the healing power of music.
  • We learned that Chair of the Day, Larry Hoeksema owns a massive collection of classical music, but doesn’t even play an instrument.

Many thanks to these Club 33 Rotarians who supported our program today:

  •  Badge: Suzanne Frontz (we miss you, Bill Herrin!)
  • Registration: James Buley, Ron Oliver, Jeana Wallace, Glenn Younger
  • Greeters: Bridget Meckley, Nancy Scott, Buddy Thomas, Jean Young
  • Patriotic opening led by Steve Hubbard, accompanied by Larry Showley
  • Our dedicated professional staff, Paul Devermann and Mary Radovan The news was sponsored by Greg Augustine of Harbor Pest Control and reported by Stan Lawrence, who quoted Frank Zappa: “Jazz isn’t dead, it just smells funny.”
San Diego Youth Symphony