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By James Chute

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It’s a go.

The Balboa Park-based San Diego Youth Symphony will tour China in 2015 in celebration of its 70th anniversary.

A total of 107 student musicians have committed to the tour, including 95 members of the program’s Ovation Symphony Orchestra and 12 recent graduates.

The students are scheduled to leave San Diego on June 23 and return on July 5.

“There’s an opportunity to be a catalyst, to further the cause of music in the lives of children and families across nations,” said Jeff Edmons, the Youth Symphony’s music director. “That’s one of the most exciting parts of it — to be able to take that energy that kids produce through their efforts and to put it in a place where new audiences can experience it.”

The tour will include performances in Beijing’s Forbidden City Concert Hall (June 27), San Diego’s sister city Yantai’s Concert Hall (June 29, 30) and the Oriental Arts Center in Shanghai (July 4).

In addition, the musicians, in the company of their peers in China, will tour many of China’s cultural attractions, ranging from Beijing’s Tiananmen Square to the Bund in Shanghai.

“Our students will have the opportunity to discover a whole new country, the beauty of that country and the beauty of its people,” Edmons said. “And hopefully, their students in their brief time with us will have a sense of curiosity and learn more about our nation and find out that when it comes right down to it, we all love the same things and the universal language of music inspires us all.”

The Youth Symphony has been envisioning the tour for years. When the San Diego Symphony toured China in 2013, one of the Youth Symphony’s representatives, Sidney Yin, accompanied the orchestra. June Shillman, a Youth Symphony board member, was instrumental in the San Diego Symphony’s 2013 tour and is assisting the Youth Symphony in its tour as well.

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