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Are you a high school sophomore, junior, or senior wanting to prepare for the AP Music Theory exam? Join this year-long course to get ready for the big test in May!

Learn the basic building blocks of music by enrolling in the SDYS Music Theory Program!

In this class, students will deepen their music theory knowledge and work on college-level skills. Students will learn harmonic and melodic vocabulary, how to realize figured bass, accompany melodies, analyze performed and notated music, practice musical dictation, and enhance their aural skills including intervals, scales, and chord qualities. Students will be asked to complete a placement exam to be considered for this course, included in the registration. 

This course is specifically for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in preparing for the AP Music Theory Exam. Please expect to make a year-long commitment, as any missed class jeopardizes your ability to do well on the AP exam. Please also make sure to consult your high school counselor or administrator for guidance on the AP exam process. SDYS does not administer the AP Music Theory exam.

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