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Ever wondered why that part in your piece sounds so beautiful? Curious about how music is composed? Build on your musical knowledge by enrolling in Beginning Theory & Composition!

Learn the basic building blocks of music by enrolling in the SDYS Music Theory Program!

In this class, students will learn to understand how music works and improve their skills as developing musicians. Taught by SDYS conductor Jessica Swift, students will study the essential building blocks of music, which can be applied to daily individual practice, performance, and composition.

Concepts like melody, harmony, rhythm, ear training, and musical notation will be introduced in this class to help students develop a deeper understanding of the music they play and open their creative minds to the possibilities of writing their own compositions. At the end of this 11-week session, students will showcase their acquired skills by composing a work for selected instruments.

Class is open to SDYS Showcase level students and non-SDYS students as well, so feel free to tell your friends!

Elective Details

Tuition Cost for SDYS students:
Tuition Cost for non-SDYS students: 

*Limited tuition assistance available; please contact the SDYS Team for more information.

Application & Tuition Deadline: N/A

For any questions or concerns, please contact a member of the SDYS team at 619-233-3232 x 4 or email at

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