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Are you looking to further develop your musical and interpersonal skills? Chamber music at SDYS is the perfect place to hone your musicianship and deepen your relationships with other like-minded students!

Chamber music is an excellent opportunity to enhance your musical abilities, improve performance confidence, and develop interpersonal skills. Students also have a chance to further their leadership skills within these small ensembles. Our SDYS conductors and teaching artists will work with students once a week to help them prepare for a performance at the end of the semester.

Chamber music is open to all current SDYS Inspiration, Showcase, and Ovation students, and non-SDYS students who have had at least one year of experience in an orchestra or band instrument and can sight-read music well.

Elective Details

Instructors: SDYS Conductors & Teaching Artists
Location: Balboa Park
Tuition Cost for SDYS students:
Tuition Cost for non-SDYS students: 

*Limited tuition assistance available; please contact the SDYS Team for more information.

Application & Tuition Deadline: N/A

For more information, please contact a member of the SDYS team at or call at 619-233-3232 x 4.​

San Diego Youth Symphony