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Lots of families with little ones have enjoyed participating in ChIMES classes. Read about their experiences with ChIMES!

SDYS Childhood Introduction to Music Education, with Smiles!Here is what families have to say about ChIMES:


“We smile, laugh and play every minute of class – what more could you ask for?”

“The variety of songs and music is wonderful and it’s a special time each week for our family to connect with each other and the other class participants. It’s honestly the most laughter and joy-filled time of our week and we look forward to it so much!”

“The bilingual classes are fantastic! I’m amazed at how much our daughter’s interest in music has grown. In addition to the classes, she loves watching the videos of other people playing instruments. When we saw an illustration of an oboe recently, she told me what it was and told me that Mr. Lionel plays it :)”

“Recently, our daughter has been doing the “Do Re Mi” scale before going to bed. She just all of a sudden started doing it (and correctly, too). It really amazes me how much she absorbs even when you don’t think she is paying attention!”

ChIMES is our favorite activity of the week. We sincerely appreciate the impact it has on (all) our lives. Thank you.”

“Ms. Kat adapted well to the energy level of the kids. Preschool curriculum was spot on, loved the booklet to practice with at home. Special touches like penny whistle, made this class stand out. Even incorporating waving to airplanes made something that could have been distracting into a positive fun part of class. Overall the best music class in San Diego we have tried.”

“All the staff have been really wonderful. Ms. Michelle is fabulous! It’s very rare to find a person who understands and embraces the nature of toddlers in order to help them learn and she does exactly that :). I also appreciated how there was enough repetition in classes to create a routine but variation to stay interesting. Thanks for all your hard work!”

“We LOVE Mr. Charlie!! He is an amazing instructor for this age group. What makes him such a great instructor is his energy – he is very good about reading the younger class – what they need less of or more of on each day of class.”

Engaging instructors, fun themes and songs, mix of music and dance, instruction in music theory (tempo, rhythms, crescendo, etc).”

“We loved this series! We’ve taken other music classes and this one is by far the best. Our daughter was born loving music and she really thrived in this class. She especially enjoyed when the instructor played ukulele throughout.”

“We loved the staff’s warm welcome to every class and the sense of community they provided. So often with classes like this facilitators don’t treat it as a community. They both made it easier to make connections with others in our session. The music and movement activities were top notch and very appropriate for the group. The teacher adapted easily for the varying needs and attitudes of each class session.”

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