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Collective Composition encourages musical collaboration and empowers students to create music in a group process.

Collective Composition

Coached by Mr. Ruben Hernandez, Collective Composition encourages musical collaboration and empowers students to share input in an inclusive group process. Through the use of groove, melody, harmony, rhythm, lyrics, ostinato, form, and other musical elements, students learn how to intuitively create and compose music through experimentation and improvisation. Over the years, musicians in the Collective Composition ensembles (CC ensembles) have created a number of original compositions and performed them across the San Diego region.

With the public health crises, our CC ensemble will continue to create original compositions via SoundTrap, an online music recording platform that brings the studio to their own room. The final project for the CC ensemble will be a culminating album or EP (collection of 2-4 songs) composed of original works the CC ensemble will create and record throughout the year.

Class Overview, Requirements, & Registration

Class Overview
What to Expect
  • Musicians will meet together weekly for one hour of collaboration, then spend a half-hour doing independent work with the guidance of Mr. Ruben. The ensemble will create original, collaborative music using Zoom, SoundTrap, and Google Classroom.
  • Full season commitment of weekly, online classes. *Winter and spring breaks are observed.
    • 1st Period: November 5 – January 28
    • 2nd Period: February 4 – March 25
    • 3rd Period: April 8 – June 10
  • Thursdays, weekly, from 5:00 – 6:30 PM
  • Online via platforms Zoom, Google Classroom, and Soundtrap
  • Soundtrap is an online, collaborative music recording platform. Learn more here.
  • Google Classroom is used to facilitate safe, online learning and communication among students, teacher, and staff.
  • Class will transition to in-person once deemed safe to do so by city, county and state regulations. Location will be in the city of Chula Vista.
Student Requirements

Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Attend school in Chula Vista
  • Be a student in the 4th grade and up
  • Have at least a year playing your instrument (any instrument)
  • Have access to 1-2 device(s) with audio and visual recording capabilities
  • Have access to the Internet
  • New students must complete an audition
Registration and Tuition Cost
  • Interested students and families must complete the Google Registration Form. Final date for registration is October 28, 2020 at 5:00 pm.
  • Tuition cost:  $75.00.
    • Like other organizations, SDYS has been impacted financially as a result of the pandemic, but it is our firm belief that financial difficulties should never be a barrier to a quality music education. In light of the financial pressure we know many families are feeling, we are offering a no-judgement, pay-what-you-can model for the tuition cost of $75.00 for the year.
    • Payment plan options are available for families interested.
  • Space is limited. Registration does not guarantee enrollment in class. Audition is required for new students.
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