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These opportunities complement the ensemble experience for our current and prospective students.

San Diego Youth Symphony offers additional opportunities for enrolled students, as well as new students (new students not eligible for the concerto competitions). These complimentary offerings provide students with ways to immerse themselves in the musical experience and learn additional skills alongside the ensemble experience.

Concerto Competitions

Concerto Competitions

Fall 2022

Annual competitions for our SDYS Showcase and Ovation Students with winners performing as soloists with our orchestras.

Chamber Music

Spring 2023

These ensembles allow students the opportunity to rehearse and perform in small-groups without a conductor, build musical individuality, and collaborate with peers.

Improvisation and Songwriting

Spring 2023

By creating music and lyrics as a group, students will find joy and comfort in taking risks and creatively expressing themselves.

Beginning Music Theory and Composition

Spring 2023

In this class, students will learn the building blocks of music and improve their skills as developing musicians.

Intermediate Music Theory and Composition

Spring 2023

In this class, students will further build upon their music theory knowledge and apply these skills to create and compose original works.

AP Music Theory Prep

Not offered Spring 2023

This course is specifically for high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors who are interested in preparing for the AP Music Theory Exam.

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