SDYS has a large selection of instruments available for loan to our musicians

Reasons for Loans

A musician who is using an instrument which is of lower quality than his or her musical level may want to upgrade by using a loan instrument. A musician who is switching instruments (i.e. a violinist who wants to double on viola) will find a loan instrument useful. A musician who cannot afford to buy or rent an instrument can use the loan program to continue to develop musically. When an ensemble conductor has a musical need for a specific instrument which is not commonly used (i.e. English horn, Contrabassoon, Soprano Saxophone, etc.), the conductor may ask a musician to double on the needed instrument to fill the musical need. 

Faculty Recommendation

Any musician at the San Diego Youth Symphony may borrow an instrument from the organization. All initial loans must be done with faculty recommendation. Eligible faculty includes any current SDYS ensemble conductor, coach, or private instructor.

10% Returnable Deposit

Each new instrument loan requires a deposit of 10% of the instrument’s value. This deposit is refunded in full upon return of the instrument in good condition.

More Information

For more information about borrowing an instrument please see our Loan Agreement Booklet for more information. To ask about borrowing an instrument, please contact our Instrument Librarian Charlie Perkes, or 619.233.3232 x114.

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