Advanced orchestras and ensembles led by Music Director Jeff Edmons

Led by Music Director Jeff Edmons, Ovation Program provides the most advanced string, woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians with comprehensive, intensive, pre-professional musical training. Participation in the Ovation Program includes the study and performance of classical music spanning the eighteenth century through the twenty-first century in multiple wind and orchestral ensemble settings. This flagship program provides the finest training at the highest levels attainable in a youth orchestra program.

All students admitted into the Ovation Program are eligible to apply for The Music Institute, a partnership program of La Jolla Music Society and San Diego Youth Symphony and Conservatory. More information is available at

Ovation Ensembles

The Ovation Program has three ensembles Symphony Orchestra, Chamber Orchestra and Wind Orchestra.

Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Orchestra is an orchestra comprising the most advanced musicians in SDYS. All musicians who are accepted to the Ovation Program are in Symphony Orchestra; the size and instrumentation of the ensemble may vary during the year based upon requirements for specific repertoire. This flagship SDYS orchestra rehearses and performs full-length, multi-movement symphonies and advanced professional orchestral literature from a wide range of periods and styles. Solo and section parts are assigned within each section according to seating and repertoire needs.

Wind Orchestra

Wind Orchestra is a wind ensemble comprising the woodwind, brass, and percussion musicians in Symphony Orchestra. Wind Orchestra studies and performs the most advanced repertoire of multiple styles and genres, including traditional full-length concert pieces for wind orchestra as well as multiple-movement works and traditional concert pieces. Instrumentation will be based on the professional wind orchestra with requisite doubling and tripling of parts.

Chamber Orchestra

Chamber Orchestra is an artist-level ensemble comprising principal and assistant principal musicians from the Ovation Program. The chamber orchestra is the resident orchestra of La Jolla Music Society. This orchestra rehearses and performs a variety of professional-level repertoire from multiple historic periods for both string orchestra and full chamber orchestra. Chamber Orchestra musicians are strongly encouraged to participate in the International Youth Symphony (IYS) in Summer 2017 for an additional fee.

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