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Through training at SDYS, here’s what you’ll learn and receive…

Learn the basic building blocks of music by enrolling in the SDYS Music Theory Program!

Development of Skills for Musical/Artistic Growth

  • Consistent technical, musical, and artistic training through sequential ensemble learning
  • Exposure to diverse orchestral and wind ensemble repertoire through pedagogical curriculum in weekly rehearsals, annual concert, and audition cycles
  • Annually recurring experiences of preparing for a concert: from the initial exposure to a new musical work, learning through the individual and collective, practicing the musical piece, defining a collective voice and taking ownership of the musical work, to performing it as a culmination of the preparation process
  • “Project/product-based learning”: learning to strategically break down the necessary tactics to achieve the long-term goal of a polished final performance

Growth in Social/Emotional Development

  • A safe environment to experience emotional sensitivity and awareness of self and others through music-making and empathy
  • Exposure to a diverse range of music that evokes a spectrum of emotions, which helps students to learn how to regulate emotions through the changing learning environment
  • Growth in social skills and competence through ensemble learning: the ability to get along with peers in the ensemble in order to achieve a common goal
  • Growth in attention span and greater brain processing powers

Time and Space for Building Relationships to Community

  • A sense of community among students and faculty
  • Performance opportunities in the community
  • A space for shared experience and engagement during rehearsals and concerts with families and visitors
  • Increased communication skills and the ability to express oneself through a collective voice

Character and Leadership Development

  • Character building, leadership development, collective responsibility, individual achievement and accountability, the celebration of others, working in a diverse culture, member of a team
  • Human and societal principles that become a guideline in life during and beyond SDYS
  • Individual achievement versus responsibility/accountability to the community
  • Opportunities to fine-tune public speaking skills through student introductions at concerts and other events
  • Leadership role opportunities such as section leaders and principal positions within the ensemble
  • Skills to demonstrate collective role models, demonstrating positive behaviors for those around you
  • Increased individual and collective confidence through concerts and competitions
  • Opportunities to learn how to balance priorities between self and the commitment to ensemble/community

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