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Report An Absence

It is important for all musicians and their families to communicate with SDYS regarding any expected absence from a rehearsal. Absences, late arrivals, or early departures must be reported at least ONE WEEK in advance. Please report on the “Report an Absence” clipboard at rehearsal or complete the request through the parent portal online at A reason for the absence is required. In the event of an absence due to unexpected circumstances, please call the SDYS office at 619.233.3232 x 4 or email a member of the Conservatory team at within 24 hours of the absence.

Ovation Program Absence Requests

Ovation musician requests will be reviewed by the Music Director. The Music Director will reply to confirm whether the absence is excused as long as the request was made according to these guidelines. In order to augment their musical understanding of the repertoire, musicians are expected to attend rehearsals even if their instrument is being repaired or if they have a minor personal injury. Communication about any absence for any reason is imperative for the conductor’s planning.

San Diego Youth Symphony