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Special Events

Special events include Encore!, our fundraiser for our Annual Scholarship Fund, and Viva Musica!, our annual year end celebration of the achievements of musicians from our Community Opus Project Musicians.


Upcoming Events

<div id="upcomingEvents"><div class="event"> <div class="photo">
</div> <div class="dateinfo"> <h3>Encore! Annual Scholarship Fundraiser 2024</h3> <div class="venue">Paradise Point Resort & Spa
1404 Vacation Rd
San Diego, CA, 92109</div><div class="categories">donor-events , featured , special-events</div><div class="date"> April 28, 2024 at 4:00 pm</div> </div><div class="link tribe-events-read-more"><a href="" class="et_pb_promo_button et_pb_button">Event Details</a> </div></div>
San Diego Youth Symphony