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    “To me, SDYS isn’t just a group of students playing together. It’s become a family for me.”

    The Yandall Sisters

    violin, double bass, trumpet

    “SDYS is important to me now because it gives me the opportunity to learn advanced repertoire in a large orchestra setting.”

    Bruno Bello

    16 yrs old | cello

    Music has given me all the tools and means to pursue my dreams.

    Daniel Pate


    Being a musician has been one of the most deeply rewarding choices I have made. Music has a way of becoming the cornerstone to every single important moment that we live.

    Enrico Lopez-Yañez


    One thing I have learned in my journey is that the people around you are not your greatest competition but in fact your greatest asset.

    Victoria Bietz


    My SDYS experiences shaped me as a person and ultimately paved my decision to major in violin performance.

    Noor Alramadan

    Noor Alramadan

    11 yrs old | cello, clarinet

    I wasn’t really a musician. I thought I would do sports, but after a while it felt good and I felt happy that I was learning to play music.

    Sofia Hashemi-Asasi

    17 yrs old | violin

    Her experience illustrates the symphony’s mission of enabling young musicians to perform classical pieces at an advanced level.

    Bruno Bello

    13 yrs old | cello

    As unlikely as it seems music can change your life a lot. It gives you confidence and it also gives you hope to know that if you really want something you can make it happen.

    Jonathan Piper


    One of the strongest lessons I learned from SDYS was personal responsibility. Show up to rehearsal on time, fully practiced, and ready to focus for however long the group needs you.

    Kirusha Lanski

    14 yrs old | percussion

    Meeting and playing with people who are more experienced musicians than I am inspires me to work even harder in achieving my music and academic goals

    Susan Lee

    12 yrs old | violin

    Studying music has helped me with school because it teaches you to concentrate really well. I’m not really sure about my future, but I do know that math and music will definitely be a part of it.

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